Anytihng, and Everything Coffee

Thank you for taking the time to Test and Survey my Website/BLOG “CAFE GRIND”

About Cafe Grind Website

The purpose of the Website/Blog is to have a place where people who enjoy coffee, too come and learn about “Anything and Everything Coffee” (Tagline). I provide information about where coffee is grown, how it is harvested, types of coffee drinks/recipes, How to make coffee using various methods, coffee and coffee product purchases, and much, much more.

I also belong to several Affiliation Programs, Amazon being one of them. This means I introduce products to my readers/visitors/subscribers and receive a commission on every item sold when the reader/visitors/subscriber clicks on a link, which redirects them to the affiliate website. (So product links are important and need to work properly) This link method works the same for any product you find on Cafe Grind website.

What I am looking for;

  • Honest feedback about the website and its content,
  • Can you easily get around,
  • Finding information using the search feature (found at the end of each article),
  • Content appeal,
  • Any suggestion for improving the website?


  • Start with the Main Menu, Click on the links and make sure they take you to the appropriate page(s),
  • Leave a comment after you have read a post that could use some help, (The comments section can be found at the end of the article/post.
  • At the end of each article/post, you can post to your social media accounts. Please feel free to do so if you find something of interest.

Notes: The Main Menu has not been linked to the Web Site. It’s important, that I get that part right. So again leave your comments and let me know what you think about it.

Thanks again for your help, here is the link to Cafe Grind enjoy!